IAPCE’s certification program names are registered trademarks of the Association. In order to help protect the integrity of our programs, IAPCE asks that those who make reference to our trademarks and use our logos adhere to the following guidelines:

Trademark Usage and Style Guide for use on the Web and in Print Materials

The parameters for use of any IAPCE trademark are as follows:

  • Any IAPCE logo must be accurately shown in proportion and orientation. Distorting or rotating the logo is not permitted.
  • Any IAPCE logo must not be incorporated into any other mark or symbol. It may not be used as a border on or around any item.
  • You may not use a IAPCE logo as part of either your name or your company’s name.
  • No IAPCE Logo or Trademark may be used as a domain name or as a part of a domain name.

Who Can Use IAPCE Logos
How you use any IAPCE logo reflects both on our association and your organization. Use it proudly. We encourage you to involve your entire organization in helping IAPCE raise the profile and enhance the image of the association. Only authorized users can use or display a IAPCE logo.

Who is an Authorized User?
To be considered an “authorized user” an individual or company must qualify under the following stipulation:

  • IAPCE Corporate Partners/Affiliates – A company that has met the necessary qualifications to be recognized by IAPCE as a corporate partner/affiliate in good standing. Authorized users in this category may use the IAPCE corporate logo for business purposes. This includes company Web site, advertisements and letterhead.
  • IAPCE Certified Individuals – An individual who enrolled as a single individual, not as a corporate partner. Authorized users in this category may use the appropriate certified logo for personalized purposes. This includes business cards, correspondence, letterhead and resumes.