Our Story

IAPCE (pronounced Yap-See) was born of a conversation from 2015 during a convention in Washington DC. Founders Seth Polansky and Drew Crowder were at Seth’s booth lamenting the fact that there was no real association or group to help entrepreneurs in the pop culture and entertainment space, or to help exhibitors navigate the legalities of the convention world. There was no representation, no governing body, no ultimate resource space for veterans OR rookie entrepreneurs.

Born out of necessity, IAPCE was formed to help young entrepreneurs succeed and veterans thrive with CEO coaching, advisement and consulting in business development and management, and discounts on exhibiting materials. After the IAPCE partnership with The Creative Coalition, it opened its doors to celebrities, agents and a cadre of individuals from the entertainment industry, helping them grow and deal with the common issues faced by their industry, network and thrive!


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