Hello! Welcome to a world of playing video games, eating food, making art, food or crafty things on the internet for fun and money! In other words, welcome to Twitch!

First things first (i’m the realest…), I want to let you know that it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started. You need an internet connection, a computer that can connect to said internet, a Twitch Account, a camera and a LITTLE bit of graphic design capability (or a friend/fan that can help).

Next, in order to create the most professional presentation you need an interface, namely OBS or XSplit.

Installing them is easy, utilizing them is a bit more complicated, we’ll get into the advanced stuff in other tutorials.

FAQ: where is my stream key.

1- your stream key is what OBS or XSplit need to broadcast through your Twitch account. You can find it on your dashboard. It would be twitch.tv/yourchannelname/dashboard/settings

2- what is a scene, what are these other things

Layers make up scenes, scenes are the basic building blocks of your production. Arrange layers like photoshop, top is visible over bottom in sequence. You can add all kinds of things, explore and experiment, we’ll be doing videos to show you what each thing means.

3- I’m having issues with audio/PS4/Mobile

All will be covered in other tutorials. This is just to get you started.

4- I’m creative/social eating/IRL

For these types of broadcasts it’s best if you have multiple cameras and a decent workstation with good lighting. Lighting and multi-cam setups will be covered in other tutorials. How to eat will NOT be covered, but tips on food arrangement and camera placement will. How to cosplay will NOT be part of our Twitch tutorials but we will cover the basics of cosplay, prop making and 3D printing.